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Welcome to your international smart communitie

Here you can join one of our international scientific topics. All topics have a state registration number in Ukraine. We discuss research results at our international conferences, publish in conference proceedings, books and articles in international indexed journals



«INBE (International Networking Business Education) - International network business education: experience in the development and implementation of innovative international master's and PhD programs with funding from the European Union based on the base of modern digital technologies and best practices of dual training. 

Ukrainian state R&D registration: 05.04.2020. 

Direction of financing: 2.5 - programs and projects in the field of international scientific and technical cooperation

Time of realization: 2020-2030 р. 

The main executor of the project - Institute of Socio-Economic Initiatives; 

Co-contractor - National Aviation University. 

Project partners: 

  1. Information Technology Co. (Hanchuan City ZIZI, China), 

  2. LTD "UKRSPETSMASH" (Ukraine), 

  3. University Ismail Qemali' Vlore (Albania), 

  4. Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic National University (Ukraine), 

  5. Robotics school "Forward to the future" (Ukraine),

  6. Institute of Entrepreneurship and Service of Tajikistan, 

  7. Technical University Kadoorie (Palestine), 

  8. Institute for European education (Bulgaria), 

  9. Poltava University of Economics and Trade (Ukraine),

  10. State University of Infrastructure and Technologies (Ukraine), 

  11. Mingachevir State University (Azerbaijan), 

  12. Association for Promotion of Education and Science Globalization SPACETIME (Ukraine)

  13. Applied Research International Conference (ARICON, United Kingdom)

  14. Smart University Foundation  (USA)

  15. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (Ukraine)

  16. London Institute of Skills Development (LISD, United Kingdom)

  17. Genista Research Foundation (Malta)

  18. Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Ukraine)

  19. Donetsk State University of Management (Ukraine)

  20. Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT, Egypt)


  22. Robotics school «Forward to the future» (Ukraine)

  23. Private Research and Production Entreprise  «SPEKTR» (Ukraine)

  24. NGO «Laboratory of Creative Ideas» (Ukraine)

  25. Association «Ukrainian Steel Construction Centre» (Ukraine)

  26. Generion Technology Ltd (Bulgaria)

  27. PHÖNIX IT SICHERHEIT UG (Ludwigsburg, Deutschland)

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