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The VEHUB4YOU project focuses on business knowledge’s transfer from EU to young people of Eastern partners countries (13 to 30 years) by virtual exchanges technologies. As part of Goal 9 EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 “Space and participation for all” consortium members will undertake common efforts for organizing a network of international virtual business hubs and teaching of doing business for high school pupils, college students and university students of both economic and non-economic specialties by creating VIRTUAL YOUTH BUSINES HUBS INTERNATIONAL NETWORK which includes 60 virtual international business hubs at schools, universities and rural libraries in Ukraine and Azerbaijan. European universities, with the help of universities and youth organizations in Ukraine and Azerbaijan, will share their business courses and experience of teachers with the youth of the Eastern Partnership countries. As a result, 2500 representatives from 60 hubs and 250 facilitators from Eastern partners countries will take part in the project, 220 participants from other specify regions will be involving as well (Southern Neighborhood and Sub Saharan Africa). The project participants will develop a pool of methodological materials for online business trainings. In addition, a training program for hub leaders and facilitators will be published, taking into account local requirements. The VEHUB4YOU project is expected improve the quality of business education by providing access to modern European education; at the organizational level promoting entrepreneurial learning and on the level of individual project participants is expected to get the skills of planning for a business, marketing the products and obtaining the instruments to create their own business. It is expected upgrading school, college and university educational programs in accordance with new trends on virtual learning and raising the efficiency of virtual education.

VEHUB4YOU Social Networks

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