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Review of Literature tips and Techniques - Scientific & Systematic Process / Огляд літератури - наук

Today, scientists from around the world (Ukraine, Spain, UAE, Poland, Albania, Ghana, India) began a three-month internship under the international program of professional development of research and teaching staff of higher education institutions: "Writing and publishing research."

During the internship, researchers (doctoral students, graduate students) will visit international online workshops, perform independent work (work in groups to conduct research), submit the results of the study for publication.

On April 22, 2021, an international workshop "Review of Literature tips and Techniques - Scientific & Systematic Process" where they shared their experiences:

  • Dr. Margartia Isoraite, Associate Professor, University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania;

  • Dr. A.Ananda Kumar, Associate Professor, DMI-St. Eugene University, Zambia;

  • Dr. Ramila Devi, Associate Professor, HELP University, Damansara, Malaysia.

Workshop was organised at the base of Department of Business Administration of Annamalai University


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